Policies & Information

The following Llanharan Primary School policies and documents are available to download.

ALN Policy


Transition Plan 22-23

School Toilet Policy

Attendance policy

Accessibility Plan Guidance for School[24]

Strategic Equality Plan LPS[23]

School Safeguarding Policy (2022-23) Final (1)[32]

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy[28]

General Privacy Notice

CLA-Policy Llanharan primary School

RA March 2022

COVID Risk Assessment January 2022

COVID Risk Assessment September 2021

COVID 19 Risk Assessment June 2021

COVID 19 Risk Assessment 19 April 2021

COVID 19 Risk Assessment 11.02.21

PERMA Privacy Notice – Parents

COVID 19 Risk Assessment-3

COVID 19 Risk Assessment-signed

Llanharan Primary School PDG Plan 2020

Eco Policy

Pupil Friendly Policy June 2020

Safe touch policy

Behaviour & Discipline



Health Care Policy

LPS Privacy Notice

Llanharan Disability Policy-1

Traffic Management Plan

Vulnerable Learners Guidance 1.5.20

Vulnerable Learners Guidance 1.5.20 Cymraeg

Data Protection Register- School meals

Data Protection Register- Private Fund

Data Protection Register- Finance

Data Protection Register- Attendance